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Cambridge Ontario

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Cambridge is broken down into three major areas, Hespeler, Galt, and Preston, each with their own unique histories. 

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We’ll get into those histories a bit more when we visit each location respectively but as a whole, Cambridge has so much to offer residents that few people are aware of.  There’s loads of trails and parks with gorgeous scenery and tons of wildlife; beautiful architecture; golf courses; schools; some of the region’s and even the country’s best restaurants; and a whole lot more.  The real estate here has been booming as of late as well due in large part to the city’s proximity to a lot of major highways like the 401.  Keep watching as I try to highlight just a bit of what makes Cambridge so great!

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Let’s start with the scenery.  Like so many other parts of our region, the Grand River flows right through Cambridge, but… I think Cambridge gets the best of it.  Unlike the other areas, the Grand flows right through this city and down the heart of Galt.  It offers some great views from a couple of restaurants and for quite a few home and condo owners.  There are a ton of trails and paths that follow the Grand and you’d be hard pressed not to spot a few deer, fox, and other small animals as you follow along.  It also makes for great bird watching, fishing, and boating.  If you follow the trail along the Grand down Blair Rd and George St, you’ll end up in Riverbluffs park.  This park is used to throw some pretty cool summer events and is the perfect place to launch your canoe or kayak.  Riverbluffs also happens to be right across the street from Dickson Park, home to a few baseball diamonds and the annual fair.  If you head into Hespeler Village, arguably the coolest, little area in Cambridge, you’ll find Mill Pond and the Speed River which flows through Riverside park and into the Grand.  This river also offers the views and hiking opportunities of the Grand.  There’s a lot more to see than just these few parks and rivers but we’ll save some of that for when we take a walk through the different communities.

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Cambridge Ontario is ideally situated

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Cambridge really has the best of all worlds, from city strips that make you truly feel like you’re in a small town, to big box stores, to suburbs and farmland.  Head downtown Galt where you’ll find classic architecture in the form of old cathedrals and school houses, drive down highway 24 in Hespeler for shopping malls, fast-food restaurants, and car dealerships, or walk down Queen Street in Hespeler village along the Speed River to see all of the little mom-and-pop shops.   Cambridge sort of wraps around the east side of Kitchener so you can find exits off the 401 on both the east and west sides of its counterpart.  It’s because of this and its proximity to Guelph, highway 6, Hamilton, and Toronto that Cambridge’s real estate has seen such growth in the last few years; and because of the city’s layout, you really can take a back road or two to get to just about any of the major cities in the surrounding area of Ontario.  You also can’t miss the up-and-coming Gaslight district in Galt.  Announced a couple of years ago, this one hundred, twenty million dollar development is scheduled for completion in twenty-twenty.  It’s set to be home to residential and commercial spaces alike and is expected to attract young urbanites to an area that has seen housing prices climb ever since the development was passed.

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