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The Kingsdale Ontario area is loaded with affordable real estate, schools, that we’ll touch on in this video, and a ton of big box stores and restaurants.  When you hear people refer to this neighbourhood, you’ll likely hear them say the Fairview or Fairway area as this community sits right behind Fairview Park Mall.  We’re just off the expressway and only about a five minute drive from the 401.  There’s a ton to do around here with a massive theatre just across from the mall, a bunch of indoor and outdoor spots to stay active, and some pretty great shopping.  Since the inception of the LRT, there’s been a lot of construction around here, mostly at and around the mall, but it’s starting to come to a conclusion and just in the nick-of-time too as we’re heading into the Christmas season and life around here is about to get pretty busy.

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This Kingsdale Ontario area is a Great Community and growing!

Tons to do if you love the outdoors!

Despite all of the retail options in the Kingsdale Ontario area, there’s still quite a bit of greenery around here.  Schneider’s creek runs through Wilson Park which is essentially in the middle of Kingsdale.  The park offers basketball courts, baseball diamonds, a skate park, splash pad, some hiking or walking trails, a picnic area, a pool, and the local community centre is here too.  It’s also one of quite a few parks – there’s Kingsdale park, Vanier park, Traynor Park and Greenfield park, all scattered around the neighbourhood but within walking distance of each other, and all great for some fresh air, or to let the kids or dogs run around.  And if that’s not enough for you, not far from here, is the Activa Sportsplex where you can find a couple of ice pads, a boxing facility, and a four-lane walking trail.  Kingsdale Ontario has a ton to offer both people that love to shop as well as the outdoors.

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When searching for homes

Know the schools in the area

When searching for homes in Kingsdale Ontario, my clients always have a list of questions and concerns but knowing what their options are for their kid’s educations is always top of the list.  There are a few schools nestled back in this community, including, Rockway Public School, Sunshine Montessori School, Wilson Ave Public School, and Saint Aloysius Catholic School.  When looking for homes, we always take a peek at what school district the properties lie in and then map out how far a walk or drive it would be for the kids to get to school.  For example, if you lived on Reyburn Ave and your child was in elementary school, they would attend Wilson Ave. Public School which would be about a two minute drive or an eight minute walk.  These things are important to a lot of home buyers but don’t worry, your Realtor will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the local schools and their districts. 

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