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The community of Laurentian West has been growing like whoa for the last twenty or so years and in that time, we’ve seen some great, plazas, homes, and schools that continue to pop-up.  

I think a lot of us have been referring to this neighbourhood as Activa or Williamsburg, and that’s ok, that’s a more accurate name in my mind anyways.  Laurentian West rests on the west side of Kitchener just minutes from the expressway tucked between Fischer Hallman, Trussler, and Bleams Road.  The community is supported by a few commercial plazas with lots to offer so it’s really no wonder that construction of new homes here continues.

If you ever have any questions about Laurentian West Kitchener, please feel free to fire them my way and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

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Laurentian West Kitchener is a Great Community and growing!

Tons to do if you love the outdoors!

Even with all of the residential and commercial real estate in Laurentian West Kitchener, there’s still plenty of green space to enjoy.  Laurentian West Kitchener is littered with wetlands, parks, and trails.  There’s the Laurentian Wetlands, a great place to feed the ducks, that leads right to Voisin Park which is the perfect spot for some baseball.  Behind the Sunrise Centre is Foxglove Park right off the Forest Heights trail corridor.  This park is ideal for taking the dog for a walk or letting the little ones muck-about on the playground.  And then there’s Michael Donnenwerth Park, another ideal playground for kids.

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When searching for homes

Know the schools in the area

When searching for homes in Laurentian West Kitchener, my clients always have a list of questions and concerns but knowing what their options are for their kid’s educations is always top of the list.  Luckily, with all of the homes that have gone up around here, a few schools have joined them including WT Townshend, a French-immersion public school that hosts students from JK to grade six; Williamsburg Public School, also a French-immersion school from Kindergarten to grade six, and John Sweeney Catholic School hosting students from Kindergarten to grade eight. 

When looking for homes in Laurentian West Kitchener, we always take a peek at what school district the properties lie in and then map out how far a walk or drive it would be for the kids to get to school.  In this neighbourhood, all of the schools are quite accessible to residents, for example, if you lived on Activa Ave near Bridlewreath Street, and your child attended Williamsburg Public School, it would be about a three minute drive or a fifteen minute walk to school.  These things are important to a lot of home buyers but don’t worry, your Realtor will be able to tell you everything you need to know about the local schools in Laurentian West Kitchener and their districts.

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