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New Dundee Ontario is in Wilmot township and boasts some pretty spectacular homes; a quaint, little restaurant; and some pretty spectacular scenery.  Join me as I highlight just another piece of the Best of Waterloo Region.

Surrounded by farm fields, New Dundee Ontario is just south of Kitchener and just west of Cambridge.  It’s mostly a residential community but they have a pretty decent golf course, this cool little restaurant that offers afternoon and high tea, an elementary school, and some great parks and trails.  The real estate in New Dundee Ontario is amazing and there are a surprising number of properties that would be better described as “estates” on the outskirts of town.  It’s close enough to the 401 and to the city to make it a great place to live.

This area is a Great Community and growing!

Tons to do if you love the outdoors!

Driving in-and-out of town in New Dundee Ontario is extremely peaceful – there are farm fields, trees, and greenery everywhere.  There’s a large lake in the middle of town called Alder Lake that feeds the creeks that run through the village, and there are a few parks and trails sprinkled around including New Dundee Ontario community park complete with a tennis court, small baseball diamond, a basketball court, a playground, a large field, and a picnic area.  It even has a small rock climbing wall!  The outdoor life here is exactly what you’d hope for from a small town.

While you’re in town, you might as well swing by Dundee Country Club for a quick round of golf.  This golf course is part of Golf North, a conglomerate of golf courses in and around our region with a few courses way outside of Waterloo Region.  Dundee Country Club is a mature golf course that offers up an even six par threes, six par fours, and six par fives.  If you haven’t golfed here in New Dundee Ontario yet and you get the chance, it’s definitely worth a visit.  As an added bonus, it’s kiddy corner to Maple Tap Farm where you can pick up some delicious maple syrup and maple syrup products like candy and butter!

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When searching for homes

Know the schools in the area

When searching for homes in New Dundee Ontario, my clients always have a list of questions and concerns but knowing what the options are for their kid’s educations is always top of the list.  Thankfully, smack-dab in the middle of New Dundee Ontario is New Dundee Public School servicing students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade six.  This elementary school is only a twelve minute walk from the farthest parts of town and because of the low population here, the class sizes stay small.  Alas, when little Jane or Jonny get past the sixth grade, they’ll have to move on to Sir Adam Beck Public School in Baden.  From the elementary school here, it’s just over a fifteen minute drive; and then when it’s time for high school, residents have their pick between Forest Heights, KCI, Waterloo Oxford, or Sir John A. MacDonald.  if you ever have any questions about which school districts the homes you’re looking at fall under, just ask your Realtor, they should be able to help.  If not, I’m always just a quick email or text away.

I love the city and the conveniences it offers but these small towns, like New Dundee Ontario, offer up a certain kind of peacefulness that’s hard to find elsewhere.  The country drive beats the hell out of congested highways and the smaller population offers up a real sense of community.  Among other things, it’s the mix of larger cities and smaller towns that help make our region so great.  If you haven’t had a chance to see what New Dundee Ontario has to offer, take an afternoon drive, play a round of golf, treat yourself to high tea, and take a peek around town, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.



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