Kitchener in October!

Matt Rooney
Published on October 17, 2019

Kitchener in October!

Why Kitchener ON is Amazing in October!

Kitchener in October is awesome!  We have Oktoberfest and Thanksgiving to celebrate, the leaves are changing colour, and Hallowe’en is just around the corner.  I’m handing out pumpkins this weekend to friends, family, clients, loved ones, and anyone I think may appreciate the festive thought.

Kitchener City Hall During Oktoberfest!

Kitchener in October really is a beautiful time of year.  I love the summer heat, but life is beautiful in the fall, and it’s still warm enough to golf ☺.  Today marks the start of Oktoberfest.  If you’re not from the region, you may like to know that Kitchener and Waterloo Region as a whole, represent the largest Oktoberfest in the world outside of Munich, Germany.  I’m headed to the opening ceremonies, or the “tapping of the Keg” in downtown Kitchener before I get on the road with these pumpkins.  There’s going to be German dance performances, festive music and all of the food and drink a man can handle.


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Things kick off of this nine day festival in the heart of downtown Kitchener, but the nightlife will take place at a few hotspots around town.  If you’re new to town or looking for a few cool places to get your German on, there’s the always popular Concordia Club or Schwaben Club.  I believe Lot 42 opened for Oktoberfest last year and from the people I’ve spoken to, it seems that there will be quite a few festers celebrating there this year.  But if you’re looking for something off the beaten path that maintains the authentic German feel, head out to Manheim and enjoy some grub and libations at Hubertus-haus. This club is one of five authentic German halls in town, has been part of Oktoberfest since 1985, and has won a ton of awards.  It’s definitely worth a visit!

Kitchener in October – Downtown Oktoberfest!

If you’re looking for some fun with the kids in Kitchener in October, I suggest hitting up one of the local farms with pumpkin patches.  Most local places have more to offer than just the fun of picking a pumpkin and you can make it a full adventure for everyone in the family.  A couple of my favourites are Snyder’s Family Farm and the Shantzholm Farm.  Snyder’s is always a hit with a ton of activities for little ones.  They offer tractor rides, puppet shows, clowns, and some farm animals, in addition to the large pumpkin patch.  Shantzholm is just outside of Manheim and also has a pumpkin patch and a few farm animals, as well as a corn maze and straw maze.  They have a load of fall produce too so you can make this your one stop shop for fun, groceries, and festive decorations.

Shantz Family Farm

October is a ton of fun in our Region and you’ll never find yourself short of things to do.  Even if you’re not into stuffing your face on Thanksgiving, crapping your pants at a haunted house, or boozing it up at Oktoberfest, you can still take a nice autumn walk along the Grand or down one of the hundreds of trails and soak in the beautiful and colourful, autumn season.  Feel free to shoot me an email or You can get in touch with me HERE. I hope everyone enjoys this spectacular time of year.  Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time as we continue to explore the Best of Waterloo Region.

Kitchener in October Video!

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